Celebrity Stories To Prepare You To Care & Teen Insights To Change Dementia Care

Celebrity Stories To Prepare You To Care &

Teen Insights To Change Dementia Care

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Please note there was some technical difficulties with our phones lines and the host was disconnected for a couple of minutes and then the show proceeds.


Sherri Snelling picOur first guest was Author Sherri Snelling of “A Cast of Caregivers – Celebrity Stories to Help You Prepare to Care.”  Sherri is the CEO – Caregiving Club and the Executive Producer – Handle With Care TV show.  Sherri shared some of her favorite stories with us, along with several other initiatives she has which help those who care.  I highly recommend her book.  It is one of those rare books you won’t want to give away or even loan out because you will refer to it often.  Sherri also was so nice and gave two books away to two of our audience listeners, so congrats goes out to Charlotte and Kasi!

sherri_snelling_book_cover          Contact Sherri via her website




jordon teenagerOur second guest was an amazing young lady by the name of Jordan Denise, who has a great vision to educate teens and their families on Dementia.  We discussed her vision of “The Purple Rain Project” and why it is so important.  We begin the conversation to expose the hidden thoughts of teenagers dealing with this disease and how it causes turmoil in their lives and what adults can do to help them.  This was a great conversation and Jordan received a lot of compliments for our listeners.

jordan_purple_rain_logoContact Jordan via:

Email:  Purple-rain-project@hotmail.com
Twitter:  @show_YOU_care
Facebook:  the purple rain project
Blog:  www.thoughts.com  (Purple Rain Project)



Check out Alzheimer’s Speaks Website below for a variety of tips and tools.


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