CNN’s World’s Untold Stories: Dementia Village

Dr. Gupta travels to Hogewey, a small village in Weesp, the Netherlands, where every resident has severe dementia. 


What are your thoughts?

Would you like to live in a community like this?


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8 Replies to “CNN’s World’s Untold Stories: Dementia Village”

  1. It is a truly wonderful way of life for severe dementia people and a tribute to the founders and the Netherlands government.
    We in the UK have excellent day centres and a few care homes where similar values are practiced, but with less detailed attention to making the environment a ‘ normal’ social setting. I wonder when an organisation will be bold enough to invest in replicating the Hogeway model?
    We are talking $millions. Maybe the Gates foundation could launch a global fund raising campaign based upon a target figure for each ‘village’?
    What about the Nancy Reagan foundation.

    I thank you for making this film available.

    1. HI Trevor,
      I so agree. I saw something on the Gates Foundation and at this time they don’t seem to have interest in such, but that could change in a heart beat if dementia decides to touch his family. Thank you for your comments. I am really looking forward to having you on the radio show.

  2. This was by far the best, most inspiring and beautiful documentary/story I’ve ever seen yet. How great this was to see that ‘best practices’ was not ever mentioned. That no one corporation, no one person, no one taking credit for this heart warming program, community. I am so moved by this. Please keep me well informed of all information on those involved with these messages. Thank you so much for putting it out there for us all. Lynn Drummond.

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