Connecting in new ways

Connecting in new ways         by Lori La Bey

You know I really did not fully understand the meaning of “Being in the Now,” which is all the talk with Eckhart Tolle, and Oprah, until my Mother’s disease progressed.  Living in the now, has allowed my daughter and I to have wonderful times visiting my Mother.  It does not make any difference where she is in time or place in her mind.  We just play in her playground.  I call it my “Playground of Hope.”  If Grandma, wants to talk about pink Cadillac’s with spinners for wheels, and sound systems; what is the harm?  She is happy.  It is innocent fun and a nice break from the “real world.”  As adults we all too often forget how to play.  Alzheimer’s disease invites us and teaches us how to play again if we are willing to change our ways just a bit.  It can truly be a blessing if you let it.  Here is perfect example to show how we have lost our ability to play as adults.

Have you ever played with a child with no one watching?  It’s just you and them.

It might be something simple like sitting at a table and coloring, or baking cookies, or maybe you are at the park playing.  You can feel that special energy take over and absorb into your body and soul.  Your spirit feels free.  You are totally connected and observant of everything happening between the two of you.  Everything seems to be happening at a higher frequency.  You recognize your body’s response to all your senses because you have made the time to do so. 

The looks, the smells, the sounds, the touches, the tastes are all heighten.  Then an adult walks into your space.  The energy instantly changes, and both you and the child know you are being looked at, being watched.  You are being judged.  It makes no difference who walks in; it could be your best friend, or the parent of the child.  They are an outsider who has to determine what is going on.  “They” are not playing in your playground.  You know they are making judgments based on their perceptions.  It’s like having this wonderful balloon filled with helium and then someone just pops it.  BOOM, everything has changed and you have lost that heightened sensivity.

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