Conscious Caring Resources with Alzheimer’s Music Fest

Conscious Caring Resources

with Vince Zangaro, founder of

Alzheimer’s Music Fest

ConCarRes_part_logoWelcome to Conscious Caring Resources, which is another platform to help you care for others and yourself provided by Alzheimer’s Speaks.


Here, like with all Alzheimer’s Speaks platforms – Radio – Blog- Webinar- Resource Directory – Keynotes- Training and Consulting; We believe in giving voice and enriching lives around the world when it comes to our dementia are culture.

We were lucky to have Vince Zangaro Alzheimer’s  founder of Alzheimer’s Music Fest with us.  His journey started over 10 years ago with his father. His dad was 62 when diagnosed, and Vince was only 29 when his world completely changed. It was a difficult time for both of them to say the least.

vince w dad

As his dad’s disease progressed, Vince shares how he has evolved into a better man. Vince like many had friends suggesting he put his Dad in a home, but he made a promise to his mother before she died at age 55 that he would take care of him.

Vince talks openly about his difficult decision to Give up or Grow up!  Thank God for all of us he Decided to Grow UP and make a difference, not only for his father but for other families who are struggling on their own journey with dementia.
Vince founded Alzheimer’s Music Fest to help others be able to care for their loved ones at home.
The Alzheimer’s Music Fest will be held on August 6, 2016 at Red Clay Music Foundry in Duluth, Georgia.

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