Dementia: Action For Global Change


Our radio interview today we will discuss what was shared about the Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference. 

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adi_taipei_logoWe spoke to Marc Wortmann the Executive Director of ADI which is located in London.  Our focus was on the conference, what they hope to achieve, who was involved and why it matters to have these meeting of the minds.  We were regrettably unable to coordinate having Dr. Jacob Roy from India and Daisy Acosta from the Dominican Republic.ADI logo colouror email ADI at:


Our Second Guest is sociologist Cathy Greenblat who has traveled the world studying the treatments offered to people with dementia. Shea has been touched personally by this disease through her mother and two of grandparents.  Cathy  wanted to understand more about the condition and help provide a conduit for change.

Cathy is the author of the book “Love, Loss and Laughter,” where she tells stories of positive aging and live with  dementia. The photography is powerful and beautiful and will most likely change the way you view aging and illness.

Cathy can be reached via her website by clicking on the below graphic


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  Click on the photo below to see a powerful video which will give you a glimpse into Cathy’s work


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