Dementia Chats Recording – The Impact The Voice Of Dementia Has

Dementia Chats Recording – July 28th, 2015

072815_DC_harry_michael_tru_lori_Richard_Taylor_NAPA_Alz_Org_AdvocaatedThe Impact The Voice Of Dementia Has

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Today’s show was a very interesting conversation.  We open with honor Richard Taylor, an icon in shifting dementia care around the world through his voice that spoke openly about his diagnosis, pushed society to be more compassionate and serve those with dementia better. (For a beautiful article on Richard, please read this article by Deborah Shouse.)

From there we discussed the latest article written about NAPA and the Alzheimer’s Association banning Michael Ellenbogen, after his speech at NAPA. Here is a recent article written by Crissa Shoemaker DeBree with the Intelligence titled Alzheimer’s committee members speak out on behalf of Warwick man.”

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