Dementia Friendly Campaign – Learn How Our Platforms Can Help

Dementia Friendly Campaign 

Learn How Our Platforms Can Help


Video # 10 of 11 of the Dementia Friendly Campaign

To learn more about how you, your company or community can join the Dementia Friendly Campaign Contact Us by making a comment here or go to

Alzheimer’s Speaks and click on the Contact Us to send a private email.

Look for our next video on Friday. 

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You may want to check out the FREE Dementia Chats webinars we do.  All are recorded.

You can hear people with dementia talk about what life is really like for them,

how they are coping and how you can help!

Click on the graphic below to view the last session.


Check Out Our Entry For The Million dollar Idea for St Paul Minnesota

We would love you to  submit your comments of support even if you don’t live in Minnesota.  We believe by showing a global need and support for services we can meet our goals.

Click on the graphic below to take you to the proposal


Check out our website for more information and resources


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