Dementia-Friendly Vision For State and National Implementation

Dementia-Friendly Vision

For State and National Implementation

By Michael Ellenbogen


For anyone who knows Michael Ellenbogen, this 51 page report will not surprise you one bit in terms of the detail and thought this man living with dementia has put into this paper.  Michael is one of the strongest voices and well connected to boot, of people living with dementia and trying to improve life for the next person diagnosed.  Michael was the first person diagnosed with dementia to speak to the World Health Organization last year.  Yet Michael will be the first to say, he is just one of many wonderful hard working people who is diagnosed with dementia trying to improve life for those living with the disease and those that care for them.

Given the length of the document I will not post it here, but instead give you a link to Read and Download It.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments once you’ve had a chance to review it.  What do you agree or disagree with?  What else do you think is needed?  Talk to us and share your ideas with the world.

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2 Replies to “Dementia-Friendly Vision For State and National Implementation”

  1. In addition to public education, we should the fact that many who present with dementia, are unable to recognize it in themselves. Anosognosia affects up to 81% of people with Alzheimer’s and some studies show up to 77% of patients suffer anosognosia after a stroke. My mom had a stroke and my dad had Alzheimer’s. It took time to help my parents who had no ability to recognize they were having trouble with the activities of daily life.

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