Dementia Like Easter – What Egg Are You Attracted To?

This Easter holiday will be a difficult one for me.  It is the first holiday without my mother who recently passed away.  Although it is normal to go through rough periods when grieving; such as the many “firsts” to process after a loved one passes, it is also a great time to reflect on your time together.

So I decided to do just that.

What Easter Egg Do You Like?

easter-eggs-wallpaper-1 - CopyLooking at all the colorful Easter eggs above, I realize dementia has a lot in common with the tradition of decorating eggs.  Dementia, like the various eggs with their brilliant colors and designs is unpredictable, yet each stage like the various eggs are gorgeous in their own right. As dementia ebbs and flows, it is much like the colorful eggs igniting different emotions, generating various feelings and creating  memories.  All we have to do is commit to participate in the celebration.

Do You Remember Your First

Easter Egg Hunt?

easter_eggs_and_kids - Copy

The innocence and beauty of believing in the possibilities before us is energizing and contagious. If it is believing in the Easter Bunny or holding onto the belief that our connections with others runs deep and never dies, we can inspire and engage one another by participating in the hunt, in the game of life.  Dementia does not have to interfere with this philosophy unless we let it. As care partners we are in control of our beliefs.  By living with gratitude and appreciation for the uniqueness of each moment before us we can become accepting of the changes that occur due to disease.  We can live with excitement, purpose and the innocence which allows us to love unconditionally as our relationships unfold.

Hold On Tight To Your Peeps


Don’t let disease rob you of your relationship.

Choose life, love, laughter and create and capture the moments before you.

Have A Brilliant Holiday Weekend.

Thank You For All The Love And Support You Have Given Me On My Personal Journey With Dementia

easter_egg_and_bunny - Copy

For Resources on Alzheimer’s disease,

other Dementias and Caregiving

Check Out Alzheimer’s Speaks Website Below

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