Dementia Poem – A ROSE IN THE SNOW


Another Gorgeous Poem About Dementia

By One Of Our Members

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Author – Alana LeClaire


His dazed, tired eyes were far away

in deep blue oceans where he once played

But the little girl beside him prays

that one day he will remember her name.

It seemed more certain for a rose

to bloom in ice cold winter snow

than for grandfather to recall the name

of a little girl who waits in faith.

We were all casting her hope away,

trying to help her “cope,”

to ease the pain of a little girl

who longs for a rose in the snow.

Then, one night, grandfather sat next to a window

that displayed a crescent moon.

He turned away his face from it

to look across the room.

He smiled at her,

She ran to him,

He gently caressed her face.

Then, he leaned over and in her ear

He slowly whispered her name.

Her smile was such

that its radiance

could now outshine the moon…

And somewhere on Earth,

on a snow-filled mountain,

a rose emerged in bloom.


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3 Replies to “Dementia Poem – A ROSE IN THE SNOW”

  1. Dear Lori,

    I just want you to know that I have been advertising the cruise through my free newsletter to caregivers and on my most recent blog article that I recently posted on my website. Your cruise is listed at the end of the article where I list several resources. Take a look: tips-for-relieving-travel-anxiety/.

    I’d also enjoy being a speaker on your radio show some time in the future. Best wishes with the cruise. It’s a wonderful idea.

    Vicki Kaufmann


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