Digital Dementia – What Is It?

Wow is this interesting. 

It should be really interesting how this unfolds.


Click on photo above to see the video

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  I’m no teenager but I know I depend heavily on my technology and have gotten to feel very comfortable not remembering things, as I can access data in other fashions.  I’ve told myself this way I can do and know more.  What do you think?  How do you use technology and why?  Have you ever thought technology could be damaging your brain?

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10 Replies to “Digital Dementia – What Is It?”

  1. I feel a deep, deep sense of contentment when I see an action which counteracts and promotes a balance. The Dad in this, did exactly that.
    What it shows however is that we would make life much more inspiring and creative for ourselves if we started to love interpersonal relations instead of ‘intercyber’ relations.
    My children and I relate to each other. Quite fun really!

  2. Technology has its pros and cons. Technology can certainly help monitor an older adult to make sure he or she is safe, taking his or medication, not wandering etc. But I believe relying on technology to the exclusion of personal contact is a mistake. People need personal contact. Last I checked, we are all emotional beings.

  3. I forget phone numbers and have for as long as I can remember. I used the phone book when we only had land lines and now the one on my cell. I choose to remember those things that are not easily accessible to me. I am 71 and don’t believe that this lack of memorizing phone numbers will result in dementia. I look forward to more research on this topic.

  4. I find with repetition I have greater memory capabilities. I also find that with repetition I am able to easily retrieve things like peoples’ names, phone numbers, prices, street names, etc However with technology there is no need for the mind to store and retrieve this information. I think becoming over reliant on technology could become a very real problem.

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