Do You Need A Coach When Dealing With Dementia?

alzheimersspeaks_radio_logo_from_websiteDo You Need A Coach When Dealing With Dementia?

mary_brett_coach_picToday, our first will be Mary Brett Wright who not only is a coach for those dealing with dementia,but who has a husband living with  Frontal Lobe Dementia which affects his judgement and ability to make good sound decisions.  We will discuss what it’s like to care for someone with dementia, the stress, support groups, resources, finding balance and more.


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Phone:  571-216-8372   757-206-9182


Dementia queenOur second guest will be Sue Paul,  who has been an occupational therapist for over twenty years.  She specializes in the rehabilitation and habilitation of people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.  A few things we will discuss are:

Can people with Alzheimer’s disease truly  benefit from rehabilitation services like physical and occupational therapy?

What role does occupational therapy play in treating someone with Alzheimer’s?

Some of the challenges people with Alzheimer’s have that  live alone.

How caregivers can gain access to rehabilitative services.

Sue can be found on Facebook at “The Dementia Queen”

or contact her by email at

Additional Resources Mentioned on the Show Today

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Clinical TrailAlzheimer’s Studies

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Fun, Adaptive CroquetJiminy Wicket

Music PrescriptionsMusic First

Breathing ExerciseTonglen Meditation

Respite Care in AtlantaCaring Together

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