Done Is Better Than Perfect

Done is Better than Perfect!         

Mark LeBlanc, a Small Business Success Consultant, coined the phrase “Done is better than perfect.”  Few quotes are more relevant in life, especially for caregivers.  We all waste precious time perfecting things we do; and time is the one thing we run out of, and can’t buy more of.  So stop worrying about what others think, because most people are not perfectionist.  Just do the best you can with what you have to work with.  Allow others to do things ‘their way,” even though different from yours.  By letting others participate, it allows them to feel good about giving; and for those receiving they get to see others, and know they care.  Besides no one wants to be chained to one person day in and day out; not even if that person is you!   It’s not healthy for anyone. 

So still asking how “Done can be better than perfect?”  Well just read this short list: 

1)                  It’s over with!

2)                  It’s accomplished!

3)                  It’s completed!

4)                  It’s crossed off your things to do list!

5)                  It’s DONE!!!

Now just take a minute and absorb the above statements.  Each one makes you feel pretty darn good.  What a relief and a time saver to boot.  Done is Better than Perfect!

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