Don’t Miss this Radio Show on Life Changing Dementia Assessements

This is not the test you think it is!

This is AMAZING!  Everyone should be utilizing this clock test…. its not the clock test we all hear about! Research based and the depth of knowledge from it is incredible!  Listen to how this assessment can change lives, save your budget and cut your liability…All from a drawing!

We go live at 10am CST, 11am EST, 8am PST  4pm London  All shows are archived so you can listen later at your convenience too!



5 Replies to “Don’t Miss this Radio Show on Life Changing Dementia Assessements”

  1. I became more aware of Alzheimers when I searched the Internet for information after my aunt was diagnosed. I remember seeing a segment “Lo Lo” on the WRAL website. The segment was very informative for this newbie. Does anyone know how Lo Lo is doing? I hope she’s doing well. My aunt is, even though she is progressing.

  2. Lori, thanks for asking about my Mom, Lo Lo Shoolbred, who is in Wake Assisted Living in Raleigh, NC. She is doing well, happy a lot in the day, then dementia’s sundowning takes its ugly twist in the evenings/nights. We are thankful she is still with us and prayerful that a cure one day will come to this insidious Alzheimer’s diesease. Best, Dave Simpson

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