GMO Information – Dr. Oz Needs Your Help!

GMO Information – Dr. Oz Needs Your Help!

dr_ozHe is being threaten for exposing Genetically Modified Organism known as GMO’s.  This has been a hot topic for years.  Few of our food products are natural anyone.  It’s important Dr. Oz’s voice and others be heard on this topic, if for no other reason then the right to free speech here in our county.

Each individual has the right to know and right to decide what is best for them.


I Typically Try To Stay Neutral

But I can’t in this case. 

Haven’t you wondered what is causing dementia?  Is it our food?  Our cell phones?  All the wireless transmission?

I have thought a lot on the cause.  Is it that we just have better technology toady and the disease has always been this prevalent?  Is it that we are defining our terminology in diagnosing the disease?

Or could it be GMO’s?

Or maybe all of the above?

No Matter What The Cause, All We Do Know Is

Non Of The Research Knows For Sure

I believe it’s important the general public has access to all information.

If You Agree – Check Our This Petition Below

Click on the Picture Below

DR_OZ_petition_tape_over__mouthSee if you want to sign it.

I Did!

Check out the DR OZ SHOW this Thursday when he addresses the threats he is getting because he is talking about GMO’s.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my call to action.

Lori La Bey, founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks

For information on

Dementia & Caregiving


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