Dreading The Night`s

Dreading The Night`s

By Norrm’s McNamara

Dreading the nights, as dark they fall,

All huddled up, into a ball,

Eyes closed tight, waiting in fright,

Oh my God, what brings the night?

Slowly drifting into the Abyss,

Trying to remember, Elaine`s gentle kiss,

The night terrors come, thick and fast,

Oh Dear Lord!! How long will they last?

Kicking and screaming as I awake,

My heart racing, too much to take,

Wild eyed and running with tears,

Full of sweat, filled with fear,

I hear a “Shush” and it’s Elaine,

Holding me, and ending my pain,

This is Dementia that you don’t see,

This is Lewy Body`s happening to me,

“Dear Lord” I ask, from one so pure

One day soon, please send us a cure

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