End Stages of Alzheimer’s – Still Connecting A Music Therapy Miracle

A Good Smile

End Stages of Alzheimer’s – Still Connecting A Music Therapy Miracle

By Lori La Bey of Senior Lifestyle Trends


I am so excited to share with you another ditty of my Mother in her end stages of Alzheimer’s and the possibilities of connections.  I was blessed to have come into my life a woman by the name of Melissa Hirokawa, the owner of Living Spirit Therapy and a board-certified Music Therapist.  Melissa took time to show me her wears as a professional, and even with my Mother in her end stages of Alzheimer’s, she was able to bring Mom out of her shell and bring her Joy.

Before the music 1

Melissa is not only a Music Therapist but a speaker who presents locally and nationally on the many benefits of music therapy with the elderly and those with medical issues. Informational and experiential presentations include music therapy with specific populations such as dementia, stroke, fibromyalgia, hospice and palliative care, and intergenerational programming among others. Melissa is also available for self-care workshops for family members and long-term care and medical staff.

Here is a link to Melissa’s business Living Spirit Therapy


You can go to our YouTube site to see more videos at:


Before the Music 2
Let the music begin!



Starting to Wake Up
Big Smile
Dancing Hands
Hands Dancing 2
Dancing Hand 3
Feeling the Harp Vibrations
Great Eye Contact & Connection
Playing the Harp Together
Laughing & Smiling with Melissa Hirokawa

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