“eNeighbor” A New Study on Remote Health Monitoring System


A New Study on Remote Health Monitoring System

Participants to live within 2.5 hours of the Twin cities in Minnesota

Are you, a family member, or someone who cares be interested in being part of an exciting new study.  The University of Minnesota is examining the efficacy of a remote health monitoring system for persons with memory loss and their family members called the “eNeighbor.”   They believe utilization of the eNeighbor remote sensor technology could provide you with the ability to identify and monitor changes in activities of daily living that may prevent negative health events for the person with memory loss whom you care for, and thus result in reduced distress for family members.

The University is asking​ ​​family members​​ to sit down with a research coordinator to complete an initial 45-minute interview.  After that, ​the family caregiver​ ​will be randomly assigned like the flip of a coin to either receive the eNeighbor technology for free over 18 months or to a “control” group that does not receive this technology.  The Director of Nursing and Technology will then visit the person with memory loss’ home to conduct a needs assessment and help the family caregiver​​ install and use eNeighbor.  After that, they will ask all participants to complete a 6, 12, and 18 month follow-up interviews/surveys.  A month after ​the family caregiver​ complete​s​​ the use of eNeighbor, they may ask ​the family caregiver​ to sit down with a research coordinator for around an hour or so to see how well eNeighbor worked for ​her/him​ ​ or the person with memory loss.

For those who are not randomly assigned to eNeighbor group, they will provide the technology to​​ use for free for an 18-month period at the end of the project on a first-come, first-serve basis.

​I​s this something you, a family member, or a person you know who is caring for​ someone with dementia might be interested in?  If so,   Please contact Dr. Gaugler to schedule an informational interview at a location of your ​or the family member’s ​choosing.

By Email –  gaug0015@umn.edu

By Phone – 612-626-2485

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