Facing The Future With Dementia

Facing The Future

With Dementia

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To Purchase Greg O’Brien Book Click Here  “On Pluto.”

greg obrien on pluto book

Help Greg with his Kickstarter project which will go towards additional print runs, foreign language translations, and critical promotion and marketing.

For Information on Dementia & Caregiving

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2 Replies to “Facing The Future With Dementia”

  1. I have tried to remove my name from the mailing list for this blog several times. I get a message to say I have unsubscribed but the emails keep coming. Help please!

    1. HI Gayle,
      I have been digging for hours trying to find you so I can delete your subscription, but I can not do it. Try going here to manage your subscriptions. https://wordpress.com/following/ I know people can also subscribe through network blogs, goggle, tumbler… or other social media sites as well.
      Good Luck I wish I would be of more help.

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