Feeding a person who is unable to feed himself

Feeding a person who is unable to feed himself

Instead of poking the spoon at their mouth head on, gently rub the spoon to and fro on their lower lip.  The lip is sensitive and this will have more of a tickle affect.  They will receive the food as pleasurable, verse something unknown being forced into their mouth.  It is like when a Mother is nursing her baby; being loving, and gentle, perks the baby’s interest.  Remember, even if a person seems totally disconnected on the exterior, they still pickup on your energy and your attitude.  It is very easy to get frustrated trying to feed someone who is pursing their lips shut.  They can sense our discomfort and our anger.  A person with memory loss is like us and will go into fight or flight mode.  The only difference is the option for flight is no longer an available, which leaves you in a fight.  Be aware of your reactions to situations.

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