Film on Alzheimer’s needs help funding – Simon Pitts

Here is a note I received from Simon Pitts who is making the film.  I thought I would pass it on.  Check out the website and see what you think.  They need a bit more money to make this happen.  Check out what you get for your donation!

Hi Lori,

I’m making a film about Alzheimer’s to raise awareness. It’s a labor of love which I’m doing out of hours and am not being paid anything for – not even expenses. I work at the BBC and so can bring a professional team to help.

We’re writing to everyone who might be interested to help support us raise money. So if the project interests you we would be most grateful if you could check it out and forward it to your network.

It is actually positive to be involved – and you can see all the details here:

 We have about 79 days left to raise our target and every penny helps.

All best,

4 Replies to “Film on Alzheimer’s needs help funding – Simon Pitts”

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I hope your post reaches a lot of people. If Simon will be successful and his film gets out to people, I’m sure that it will increase the awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease. For sure, people will be able to relate to it and get a lot of insights on how to handle and cope with the disease.

  2. Thanks Lori. I will send you an email shortly with more information about our website. Regarding your question, we are located in Southern California, but have clients/users all over the U.S. Your blog is very helpful and informative. Great website too 🙂

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