FREE EBook by Lisa Hirsch – A Daughter’s Bittersweet Journey With Dementia

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In Celebration of

September is Worldwide Alzheimer’s Month &

October NYC Walk

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Lisa Hirsch’s is going to offer in honor of her Mom,

her EBook for FREE from Sept 28th – Oct 2nd, 2013.

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Connect with Lisa on her Website or Facebook

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4 Replies to “FREE EBook by Lisa Hirsch – A Daughter’s Bittersweet Journey With Dementia”

  1. Reblogged this on Moving Beyond Belief and commented:
    What a wonderful gift ! In Honor of Alzheimers Awareness Month Author Lisa Hirsch is giving away Kindle Editions of her book Chronicling her own and her Mother’s Journey through one of life’s most feared conditions. Please take advantage of this free offer even if you do not think that you need to read this book now you may want to read it someday. My prayer for you of course is that you only have to learn about Dementia from Lisa’s book and that you do not have to learn about it first hand. Please consider a gift to Us Against Alzheimer’s in honor of Lisa’s Mom ! God Bless You !

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