FYI Alzheimer’s Speaks Website Is Processing An Upgrade



Hi Everyone,

I just wanted you to know our Alzheimer’s Speaks main website has not gone away!  We are processing a large upgrade and there has been a technology issue that is being worked on.

Hopefully the matter will be resolved shortly.

I have to remind myself, technology teaches us tolerance – much like dementia!

Thank you for your patience.


Lori La Bey


2 Replies to “FYI Alzheimer’s Speaks Website Is Processing An Upgrade”

  1. Good to hear you too love the play of events where things appear to be opposing your intentions. Your comments reminded me to do the same with this shingles pain game. What am I learning? Doesn’t need specific definition. Just rejoice in the process.

    Lots of love

    Sent from my iPad

    1. HI Trevor
      I sure hope things are improving. I’ve heard shingles is one of the most painful outbreaks one can have. Stay strong. I’m glad to hear you are trying to rejoice in the process!
      Sending love and healing your way


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