Get to REALLY know them!

Make a list…Get to really know them

Make a list of everything they like to do or used to like to do.

Friends and family alike– What they did they do and where did they go with them?

Work – Jobs they had, and people they worked with

Vacations – Where did they go?

Where did they live? –Countries, States, Cities, and Towns.  Who were their friends there?

Chores – Did they have any growing up?

Movies – Which ones did they enjoy?

Music– What kind of music did they like? Get the name of songs and artists.  Music is a very powerful tool and can be used to trigger calm and happy emotions.

Hobbies – What type of hobbies did they have over the years?

Sports – Did they enjoy sports?  If so, which ones?  Did they go to events, listen to the radio, or watch on TV?

What kind of person were they?  Organized? Sporadic?  Humorous?  Serious?  Fun?  Loving? Mean? Cranky?  Emotional?

What kinds of smells do they like?  What kinds of smells are they used to – cologne, perfume, lotion, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, laundry softener, cigar, cigarettes, alcohol, campfires, farms, city, foods… If they can’t wear the aroma now, maybe you can.  When you get close to them, they may pick up on their sense of smell from the past which triggers good thoughts.

What did they do around their home? Were they handy?  Did they do laundry, dishes, cooking, cutting grass, work in their gardens.   Were they a couch potato?  Were they busy all the time?  Did they help other?

This list can help you redirect a person with memory loss.  In addition, it will make you so much more aware of where they are coming from.  Where are they in time, as this will affect their perceptions, which in turn affect their reaction to life around them.

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