Get Your “Living Well with Dementia Handbook” It’s FREE

The inspiration for this handbook came from the real life experiences
of a person living with dementia and his carer who felt it was
important to have one place to store essential information. The
handbook comes complete with information that may be helpful to
you both now and in the future. There is also space for you to record
information that is important to you. Sharing your ‘Living Well
Handbook’ with people involved in your care will help ensure you
receive the treatment and support that suits you best. Keep your
‘Living Well Handbook’ in the same place (on a shelf in the kitchen
for example) this will make it easier for you and others to find.

Click Here to Grab Your Copy!

Our Friend Norrms McNamara had a hand in the development of this guide.

4 Replies to “Get Your “Living Well with Dementia Handbook” It’s FREE”

    1. Norrms you and Elaine are doing AMAZING work to help so many!!! Keep up the great work. Are you connected with Alzheimer’s Disease International? I’m having the Exec Dir Marc Wortmann on the radio show 12/13

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