Grandma and Danielle Making Moments to Remember End Stages of Alzheimer’s or NOT!


One thing to keep in mind as you capture moments…

“They are gifts not only for today but tomorrow!” 

I highly encourage everyone to grab their Camera, Video Cam or Cell Phone with a Camera

Start not only looking for moments but better yet…

Start creating them!

Please note that as you learn to connect in different ways with your loved one with dementia the pain of the loss  slides away and is replaced with a pure joy that really can’t be put into words.  I view these videos when I’m feeling a bit down and they just perk me up knowing the special connection we had still exists. It’s just different from the past and it is unique and precious in and of itself.

May each of you find this place of peace and grace which both myself and daughter have found in dealing with my Mothers dementia.

5 Replies to “Grandma and Danielle Making Moments to Remember End Stages of Alzheimer’s or NOT!”

  1. A wonderful message! Love your outlook, Lori. Treasure the moments you can in any way you can… I’m glad you can find peace and joy in these moments and that you share your experiences with others.

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