Gratitude Follow up

Gratitude Follow up

Here is a comment from one of our readers who is a bit shy and prefers to stay anonymous but had insights on the post I did on the gift of gratitude.  If you haven’t read the article, here is the post.

I read your blog in gratitude….what a lovely story…and mind set.  I feel the same way…my mom always says…I don’t want presents…I want your presence!  And I think of that often…and I have realized that as my life is changing…many material things are gone, lost over the years…

I have learned to focus on the “in the moment” experience ….and most people think I am a bit strange for doing so.   But that doesn’t stop me…I still stop to look at things that interest me or catch my attention…bike racks are interesting …stop and listen to the noises, music or music noise and have even danced a bit in harm done.  Learned to laugh at my mistakes, we all make them, accept my faults, offer praise and kind words, even when maybe in the past I would have argued.

I like how I feel, and sometimes I get a kindness returned and it is so sweet!

Thank you for putting the idea out into the blogosphere ….

I just loved getting all your comments.  If you are shy and don’t want to post them in the comment section where your identity is noted, don’t worry.  Just shot me a private email and we can let the world know your thoughts without exposing you.  You can contact me through the website.  Just click on the logo below and lets chat!




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