4 Replies to “Happy 4th of July from Alzheimer’s Speaks!”

  1. Lori, do you have any suggestions for me? I have beginning stages of young-onset dementia (probably Lewy Body) and am wondering whether my almost-completed memoirs are worthy of publication or just family-enrichment. These are not simply written but a compilation of prose, pictures, and poetry. How do I figure out whether to attempt publication, and what are some steps for publication, if that is an appropriate route. My motive would not be income but rather to get the story “out there” in public.

    1. I would be glad to chat with you on this if you like. Also if you want to test a few out you can send to me and I will post on the blog. You can see what kind of reaction you get and that may guide you. Publishing, even self publishing can be a long and expensive process. Few recoup the money they put out, but some do. Having an outlet to sell them is another factor unless you go print on demand, that way you don’t have to stock them. If you are interested in chatting shot me an email at Lori@AlzheimersSpeaks.com and we can schedule a time to talk.

      Thanks for writing


      1. Hello Lori, Thanks for your quick reply. Due to a hearing discrepancy problem added to my dementia, I have a very difficult time following audio-only conversation (which is why I cannot understand your audio programs), but we could video Skype. Actually, text provides me the ability to keep checking back in the paragraph and better track what is being talked about. My thought is that these would be the first two pages of book “Bits n Pieces of Me: Memoirs to retain identity in the face of growing dementia”, but uncertain of order. The other is Epilogue. I think maybe the first question would be, what are your own thoughts?  Does it look to YOU like it may be of benefit to John Q Public if it were published? Thank you. Truthful

      2. HI Truthful
        I have not had a chance to review yet as my schedule is jammed packed right now. Please check back with me next week if you have not heard back from me yet. Thanks for sending. Talk soon


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