HealthStar Adapts The Alzheimer’s Whisperer Program

HealthStar Home Health Adapts

The Alzheimer’s Whisperer Program

092914_ASR_HealthStar_3Click Above to Listen or call in by your phone to (714) 364-4757

The show airs Tuesday October 7th at 10am EST, 9am CST, 8am MST,

7am PST and 3pm London time

Alzheimer’s Speaks gives voice to all dealing with dementia.  Listen in and learn from some great experts in the field of dementia and home care.
Today, learn why HealthStar Home Health has incorporated The “Alzheimer’s Whisperer” program into their services and how and why it works to help staff and families alike.
We talk with HealthStar representative Holly Eide, along with Dr. Verna Carlson, President  and Katherine  Vanderhorst, Vice-President of C&V Senior Care Specialists who developed and license the Alzheimer’s Whisperer program.

healthstar holly-eideheathstar verna pichealthstar Katherine pic

                           Holly Eide      Dr. Verna Carson      Katherine Vanderhorst

For information on HealthStar Home Health or the “Alzheimer’s Whisperer” program Click Here
Healthstar_logoFor Additional Information on Dementia and Caregiving

Check Out Alzheimer’s Speaks Below:


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