Here’s an Interesting Article – A Life that Might have been Stolen

A Life that Might have been Stolen

By The Blog “A Soldiers Mother ”

Feb 20th, 2012

Here is just a small portion of the article.  I think it is worth reading the whole thing.  I’ve added the link to the article below.

There is a disease called Alzheimer’s that robs the body of the mind, the soul of its future, and the family of its center. It is slow. It is insidious and just its diagnosis is enough to promise an agony of days dwindling down to mindless loss, leaving all around it to try to hold the center for as long and as best as they can.

There is a condition called NPH, or Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus which means a rise in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain. There are three main symptoms that are caused by this condition. One is Alzheimer’s-like memory problems. Another is a horrible shuffling movement as you walk; an inability to lift the feet. It makes walking painfully slow, each step a labor.

The thing is, if you relieve the cerebrospinal fluid – essentially water – on the brain, the symptoms of NPH disappear. Much if not all of the memory problems go away, the labored walk gone.

Here is the link! 

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