Here’s the Recording of Dementia Chats Today Sept 22nd, 2015

Here’s the Recording of Dementia Chats Today

Sept 22nd, 2015

092215_DC_Paulan_Laurie_Tru_Harry_LoriClick above to watch the latest Dementia Chats

Today we had a great pre-discussion 30 minutes prior to start time, which is never recorded before we started about different initiatives in the U.S..  Then once we started we discussed the term “Best Practices” and what that means to people living with the disease.  How do they view the term and why.  Very interesting conversation!

We talked about forgetting faces and how they have each dealt with not remembering their spouse, loved one or friend.  Some of their techniques and insights will be extremely helpful for others both diagnosed and those caring for them.

Please feel free to share this link with others and help spread the great work these experts living with dementia are doing.

Thanks as always to Paulan Gordon, Laurie Scherrer, Truthful Kindness and Harry Urban our experts living with the diagnosis of dementia.

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