Honoring All Mother’s on this Very Special Day


Cheers to all the women who have taken the time to be there when we needed them most!

Mother’s Day has always been a day of deep reflection for me.  Even before my Mother passed away in 2014, I had such great appreciation for all she gave not only me but any child or adult in need of love or support.  My mom was a very loving and compassionate person, one I can only hope to be like.

Years after graduating I was told by many friends, that they wished my parents were theirs.  I know now, when I was younger many of my friends hid what their lives were really like.  They experienced things like abuse and neglect that I can honestly say, never even crossed my mind.  I didn’t know they existed. Boy, how lucky was I! It makes me wonder if I was really that naïve or if things just weren’t talked openly back than. Either way, all I know is that my Mother, like many women made a difference not only in the lives of their own children, but many people in need.  Maybe they adopted a child or helped care for a child.     Maybe they recognized a person in need and made time to be there. Most all of us have experienced a time in our lives when we didn’t want to be alone, when we needed someone to hear us, validate our feeling or give us counsel.  Most of us were lucky to have a woman step up and be a Mother to us catching us when we were falling.

Mother’s are a gift and should be treated as such. 

Below is a short video when my mom was in her end stages of Alzheimer’s.  To this day it puts a smile on my face to see her joyful.  You may miss it, if your looing for someone to be in the perfect outfit and makeup… but I can’t watch this video or many others on my YouTube channel with out picking up on all the non verbal ways she is communicating joy – smile, dimples, tapping toes and hands, squinting eyes and of course her adorable laugh.  May you enjoy watching mom listen and at times sing with musician Barbara Lee Friedman.

Today, I am lucky to have a daughter.  A daughter who loves her children and puts them first and foremost in her life.  It brings me great pleasure to watch her in action with her girls.

Blessings To All Women To All Mothers

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