How to Deal with Change for Aging Parents

How to Deal with Change for Aging Parents

New Book Addresses Issues and Solutions for a Peaceful Transition 

SOUTH BEND (August 26, 2010) – According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 77 million Baby Boomers. Many Boomers are dealing with the challenge of the changing needs of an aging parent – or they soon will. The experts advise not waiting for a crisis to become educated and prepared.  Where to start?    

Eldercare advocate, speaker and coach Dale Carter presents the ADAPT method in her newly published book, Transitioning Your Aging Parent: A 5 Step Guide Through Crisis & Change.  Developed from her personal and professional experience, Carter created the ADAPT method as a clear-cut process for families to follow in time of transition to ensure the needs of the parent, the family and their own are met. Whether an aging parent is facing a health crisis, an unsafe living situation or isolation, the ADAPT method provides a straightforward process that allows caregivers to understand the parent’s needs. It also helps to get family members on the same page, find the right resources and make the needed changes, all while respecting the needs of the parent and self.

While the ADAPT method is the core element of Carter’s book, examples and personal stories are woven throughout and includes an extensive list of references and resources.  One of the key features of the book is its concise presentation and usefulness as a reference book.  “This is a book you can read in one sitting, and then refer to it on numerous occasions as questions arise,” notes Michael Allard, Director of Operations, Principal Senior Living Group.

“My experience helping my own mother through a major health/life crisis was overwhelming.  I drew upon my experience as an educator and project manager to put structure around the situation, find the right resources and support, and involve all of our family members,” notes Dale Carter, founder of and author of  Transitioning Your Aging Parent.  “I later realized it was my approach and process that helped us make the right decisions, and I was inspired to share my experience in my book.”

In Transitioning Your Aging Parent, readers will learn how to:

  • “Actively” listen to your parent and clearly understand your parent’s situation.
  • Measure your own capacity.
  • Know who to involve in decision making.
  • Reach consensus.
  • Create a plan for transition.
  • Find experts and resources that will help your plan succeed.
  • Help carry out the plan and help your parent adjust to the changes.                                                                              

Transitioning Your Aging Parent is not a quick fix for problems with an aging parent.  Even though the ADAPT method appears clear and straightforward, each step involves a lot of hard work.  “None of this is easy,” says author Carter. “But, know that each transition is an opportunity to meet the needs of your aging parent and help your bond grow stronger.” 

 For more information on Transitioning Your Aging Parent, visit The book is available online. To order directly from the publisher, contact:  Transitioning Your Aging Parent retails for $14.95.

Dale Carter


As eldercare advocate, author, speaker and coach, Dale Carter is an advocate for our elderly by reaching out to their adult children. In 2009, she founded Transition Aging Parents ( In providing relevant information and insight to adult children, she enables them to help their aging parents “thrive and find joy in every stage of life.” Through her radio show, e-courses, articles, and presentations, Dale helps family caregivers respond to the challenges of caregiving, as well as find purpose and fulfillment in what is truly some of the most important work of their lives.

Dale is a member of the American Society on Aging and the Gerontology Consortium of Michiana.  She holds an MBA from Indiana University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from North Carolina State University, and certification as a project management professional.

She resides with her husband in South Bend, Indiana.  Besides eldercare advocacy, her other passion is Board service with the Bridge of Hope St. Joseph County, a program serving single mothers in need.


A 5 Step Guide through Crisis & Change

Dale Carter

ISBN: 978-0-557-44740-4


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