How To Make A Personalized Memory Book

Making A Personalized Memory Book

A Wonderful Idea From

One Of Our Followers –

Kathy Glines Sullivan


Hi Lori,

After reading one of your recent posts I wanted to share my experience with you. My mother in law is now 85 and probably in the early or mid stage of dementia. My husband who is turning 65 this year was also diagnosed with semantic dementia 3 years ago. For my sweet mother’s in law 80 birthday I looked at the email addresses she had included on all the jokes she had sent over the previous 5 years. I knew some but not all. I emailed all of them in one big group and introduced myself and that I was emailing them because they were all friends of Joann’s. I told them I was putting together a book of memories for Jo’s 80th birthday. I asked them to send me memories. Long or short, embarrassing or not, funny or sad, just send me stories and memories that each of them had. I included all the members of her children’s families too. I got wonderful emails and stories. I put them all in a book and I read them all aloud at her party. Jo said it was the best gift she had ever gotten. My father in law was so so grateful I had done this. This couple is so lovable….

Thanks so much for your support and all you do to help people on this difficult journey. Kathy


Thanks Kathy For Sharing

This Wonderful And Fun Idea!


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