I’m Still Me, a poem by Norrms McNamara on Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Here is another beautiful poem by my friend Norrms McNamara.  Thanks for sharing Norrms!


Hello old friend, sit next to me,

I`m still the man I used to be,

Do you remember way back when?

We played with sticks and built a Den?

And how we ran through cobbled streets,

Drinking Tizer and eating sweets,

The times we had without a care,

Times that I would like to share,

Its yesterday that troubles me,

I can’t remember, do you see?

I can remember long ago,

But just last night it isn’t so,

But even though my memory`s fading,

Like winter leaves that are shading,

Recent thought`s inside my head,

Now gone forever, almost dead,

But look in my eyes and you will see,

I`m still the man I used to be,

Please old friend, sit next to me


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