Jiminy Wicket – Adaptive Croquet – Creating Smiles Around The World

Jiminy Wicket – Adaptive Croquet

Building Smiles Around The World

I’m looking forward to participating with our Memory Cafe in playing Jiminy Wicket Croquet on the longest day of the year to represent there is fun and engagement with life with dementia.  Arthur’s Memory Cafe and Arthur’s Residential Care will join together for a fun day of playing croquet.  Do to the weather we have decided to play indoors.  I love the Jiminy Wicket concept as it is so adaptable for locations and personal needs.  People who are fully mobile to those in walkers and wheel chairs and scooter can all  play!  Plus it’s a wonderful game for all ages to play together.  If you are looking for a why to have a lot of fun and engage those with dementia, their families, friends, staff and volunteers you need to talk with James Creasey the developer of this game.

Click on the picture below to get a great visual of Hoops to Hope

Creating Smiles Worldwide

croquet_newsJames is bringing this game into the school systems too to educate and engage our young which a perfect marriage of international interaction to help develop awareness and compassion while removing the fear of this disease.  Bring a smile to someone you know dealing with dementia. Contact Jiminy Wicket to learn how you can participate.

What Are You Waiting For Engage!

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