Kick Off to Video Documentary of Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Kick Off to Video  of Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Rick Phelps is one brave man.  At the age of 57 he is on a mission to change how the world looks at and deals with Alzheimer’s disease – from both patient and caregiver roles.   You see Rick has Early Onset Alzheimer’s.   He has decided to speak openly and honestly on how the disease has impacted not only his life; but his family, friends, and coworkers… Please view his first video session which will kick off his life,  “Living with Alzheimer.'”   I will be posting his video updates as I receive them.    Please feel free to share this video with others on facebook, linkedin, your websites…  Ricks goal is to get his message spread.  Your help is much appreciated.  Here is the link:



In addition to this video sequence, Rick has also started a group called “Memory People” on facebook. The gr0up is for both people with Memory Loss and their Caregivers.  Here is some more information on how to find “Memory People” on facebook.

1)      Log into facebook

2)      If you have not signed up for facebook yet, you must do this first.  Once you have done this you will have a home page and can follow the directions below.  To signup for facebook, just google and follow the directions.  It is very simple to do.  I did it! 

3)      Once you are logged in on your home page you will see a search box just left of the facebook logo and next to the little, people, comment, and world icons.  You can’t miss it.  

4)      Type in “Memory People” and a list of groups will appear

5)      Look for the drop down and click on the one that says “Memory People”  and it will bring you to their page.

6)      From there you can decide to join by clicking on the button that says “Join” I believe it is in the upper right corner of the page.

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