Larry King… Please do another Alzheimer’s Epidemic Show

Larry King… Please do another Alzheimer’s Epidemic Show


I thought I would share you what I wrote to CNN about Larry King’s special.  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. 


As much as I love the awareness Larry King is bringing to Alzheimer’s disease, I have to say I along with many others we are tired of seeing celebrities being the face of this disease. Let’s get real and be honest. Most people are just everyday common people trying to survive this disease. Take a chance Larry, get down and dirty with this disease.


Talk to those who have Alzheimer’s and are making a difference! You will be amazed and walk away inspired and full of hope. Society is getting weary of being pushed by fear. Yes there is no cure. Yes the numbers are growing. So tell me Larry, what are people to do today? How are they to live their lives with purpose and promise when we give them no alternatives? No new ways to communicate and embrace life.


We Must Shift Caregiving from Crisis to Comfort!

Let me and many others help you bring hope to a world that is on the brink. Let these pioneers with Alzheimer’s disease teach you and the world new ways and new insights…Rick Phelps, Richard Taylor, and Norrms McNamara just to name a few. Their accomplishments are amazing. Their effect on others huge!

Let people like myself and Holly Eburne who have been impacted by the disease and changed careers and our lives to make life better for those that follow.  Let us help you help others.


This disease can be a gift or a disaster Larry.  How are you going to pitch it to the world?

Help us Change How Caregiving For And To An Alzheimer’s Patient Is Perceived, Received and Delivered In This World. Continue to be a change maker Larry. Don’t let us down now. You’ve tackled many important topics in your life time. Please position your pressing questions to give us real answers that can change lives today and into the future.

Bring hope back to this weary world.

Here is just a simple example of how we can connect and find joy in the depths of this disease. This is my Mother who has had memory problems for 30 years and is now in her ends stages of the disease. I dare you not to smile and feel the warmth of unconditional love when you watch this video.

Lori La Bey of Alzheimer's Speaks and Senior Lifestyle Trends



Lori La Bey



12 Replies to “Larry King… Please do another Alzheimer’s Epidemic Show”

  1. Well said! Of course Celebrities must have their place in attracting press interest and bringing attention to this cruel disease. Their contribution is invaluable. However, I would have to agree that having a ‘real down and dirty’ account of Dementia from those on the ‘front line’ is probably a way forward for future awareness. I feel somehow we do need a twin-pronged attack, so here’s to both types of contribution to get messages across! Many thanks for listening, all best. Heather Pearson ( Daughter to Mum in year 12 Early Onset Alzheimer Disease) Facebook Dementia NewsBlog, in support of UK Dementia charities 2011.

    1. HI Heather,

      Thanks for taking the time to write. I understand your point on the celebrities, but I also feel the media has trained and controlled the public in terms of what they think they want over the years. It’s not that I feel the Celebs did wrong, it’s just that I believe there needs to be a balance. The more I talk with people struggling with this the disease the more frustrated they seem to get when there is an active and powerful source that is not being tapped just due to the fact “they” are so driven by the dollar they structure everything around ratings. I find it sad that a disease has to be sensationalized to get attention. Personally I think Larry could have done it without all the celebrities. He has a great following and reputation in the industry for cutting to the chase. Don’t get me wrong the program was good, but for me it did not stand out as unique and cutting edge. I believe people just want to know they are not alone, get educated, and given some hope for the future and they would watch. In today’s world we seem to love to focus on fear and things we can’t control, not hope. I find that very sad.

      Again thank you for taking the time to follow our discussions and also for taking the time to write. It is important to hear everyone’s voice. Keep up the good work with you Dementia NewsBlog on Facebook. Is your blog part of the UK Dementia or is it your own? Not that it matters. The UK is doing some amazing things! In fact we are working on opening up what I believe will be the first Memory Cafe over here in the US with the UK’s help! I’m very excited to get things up and running. What a great concept!!! It’s so refreshing to see a country with a collaborative heart! We need more of that in the world.

      Have a beautiful day and God bless you and your Mum on your journey. My Mom has been on her journey with the disease 30 years and is now in her end stages at the age of 83.


  2. That’s right on Lori. I hope they will listen and react.
    The making a connection through music with the Alzheimer’s Patient is precious. What a great way to bring some joy and happiness to your Mom.


  3. As a senior facing the most important risk for Alzheimer’s disease [advancing age] I am naturally drawn to all information regarding the risk factors of this age-related disease which will, by 2030, as the remaining Boomers turn 65, increase to 7.7 million in the USA alone–unless an effective therapy is discovered. It’s a fearful proposition, but , as my research has discovered, there is hope.

    For those who are in the midst (over 65) of facing this disease that is linked to age, and those, now younger, at risk through hereditary factors, there are risk factors that play a role. Some of these are diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, smoking, high blood pressure and obesity.

    Addressing these factors early in life may improve overall health, including brain health throughout life…and this last, brain health, is where my intrinsic interest in Alzheimer’s disease is leading me.

    Please follow my next week’s blog at:

    –“Focus on Healthy Aging: Mount Sinai School of Medicine”

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