Let Your Voice Be Heard on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Let Your Voice Be Heard

on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

   I started Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio to give voice to the real everyday life of living with Alzheimer’s         disease and Dementia.  My goal was and still is to reach people worldwide so we may share what is working and what isn’t in order to “Shift Our Dementia Care Culture.”  There are so many fabulous ideas that need to be implemented.  The hard part is done.  The concepts are in place in people’s hearts and minds.  Now it’s time to work together to make these ideas a reality and put them in place for people to utilize!

You see, we have been trained by our societal values that conceiving  new concepts is the easy part, and that pulling resources together is the tough part.  We are trained to believe we need more staff and more money to implement or change just about anything in our lives.  This just is not true.  What we need to to stop thinking and feeling we have to make changes alone.

It’s time for people to talk about their passions for change.  In doing so we are drawn to like minded people.  Like minded people love to tap their resources to help others. They become not only a sounding board, guiding light, and support group; but an additional voice for change.  Once we are able to release the idea that “we own a concept or  idea” we become free.

What exactly do I mean by becoming “free?”  Well, let me explain it this way:  When we release our need to control we become open to the ideas, insights, and resources of others!  By surrounding ourselves with liked minded people typically one feels re-energized and empowered.  It’s an incredible shift in and of itself.  The burden of doing it alone is lifted.  The fear of failure reduces as you have support on many different levels from people who don’t think your crazy.  In fact, they like the way you think!

On November 11th Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio will have show dedicated to new ideas!  The title of the show is called Igniting Your Dementia Care Culture Vision.  We would love for you to join us!  We encourage everyone to listen in, especially Activities Coordinators, Recreational Therapists, People with memory loss and their care partners to all participate.

There is never a shortage of what we can learn from one another, when we are open to listening to what others have to say.  You can listen to the show by calling 714-364-4757 or you can listen to the show via the internet by Tuning in Here

You can push 1 if you are calling in by phone to ask a question or make a comment.  If you are listening via the internet just use the chat box!

Michelle Mason Founder of Soul Purpose will be back with us for this show. Click Here to listen to the original show (10/14/2011) we did on her fabulous Spa Days she pulls together for her residents and their family caregivers, by tapping into community resources.  In addition, Guiding Light Hospice and Alternative Home Health will be with us too!

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