Living Safely with Dementia – Increasing Comfort, Reducing Wandering And Anxiety

Living Safely with Dementia

111814 ASR Betty Robison SmartstonesIncreasing Comfort, Reducing Wandering And Anxiety

Today our first guest will be Betty Robison, a Gerontology Educator at the Aging Institute the at University of Pittsburgh.  She will review prevention tips for wandering and also a wandering profile.  I promise this is a discussion you won’t want to miss.  I just met Betty when speaking out last month in PA and I was amazed at the great information she had to share and will be sharing with us here today!

Contact Betty Robison  Phone  412-864-2092

24/7 Aging Services 866-430-8742

Link to the PDF on Wandering

Project Lifesafer

Our second guest will be Andreas Forsland, founder of  Smartstones.  The world’s first wearable communication device for non-verbal communication amongst a small mobile group.  It is specifically designed for the hundreds of millions of parents and caregivers worldwide to mobilize care and support in an emergency, and provide daily reminders and maintain an emotional bond with their loved ones, providing encouragement during a recovery.

Contact Andreas     Website

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