Living with Dementia – Enjoying Doing Nothing on the Train

Fascinating Concept –

Living with Dementia and Enjoy Train Ride

Today I spoke with Henri Snel who lives in the Netherlands and specializes in developing living spaces to meet the needs of those with dementia.  Henri has been personally touched by the disease through his own family.  He now teaches students the importance of getting involved and making a difference through architectural design. Here is a summary of the video I grabbed from Henri’s website the Alzheimer’s Architecture. What a lovely concept to empower and relax those with dementia!  I promise I will have Henri on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio so he can share his vision and passion with us.  We are just figuring out dates and times now so get your questions ready!

Doing nothing in the train compartment – Residents of the closed PG department of nursing home the Bieslandhof in Delft have their own train compartment. Sit in your chair, with a cup of tea, and enjoy the passing Dutch polder landscape. Virtual true, because the train compartment is in the nursing and long linear landscape is a video recording. The train is made by the artist Lino Hellings and Yvonne Dröge Wendel commissioned and with financial support from Foundation Art and Public Space (SKOR)​​.


All though you may not be able to understand the language describing this video you will get the power of the pictures captured.

Here is another interesting concept, for riding a bike although I personally would pick a nice bike path verse a road for the virtual ride. Very interesting to say the least!



2 Replies to “Living with Dementia – Enjoying Doing Nothing on the Train”

  1. Train ride is a great idea for nursing home, or dementia facilities. Going on a trip was always relaxing watching scenery go by. I would assume it would cost too much for Medicare to pay for it.

    1. I agree what fun and interesting conversations or just sitting watching the views…. I think our healthcare system has to learn to pool funds and raise money to meet the needs!

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