Loss and Memories – Precious Valentine

A Favorite Memory For Valentines

I may be a day late and dollar short for Valentines Day, but this little video of my Mother in her end stages touches my heart every time.  It is especially important to me now since she passed away in February of 2014.

I encourage everyone to capture the simple moments as they occur, because later in life they will melt your heart and keep your loved one close to you long after they are gone.  In this video my mom sings “You are my Sunshine” which we sang often with her throughout the years.  We ended her memorial service with this song.  The same woman in the video, Barbara Lee, sang, played guitar and got everyone in attendance to sing “You are my Sunshine.”  It was so uplifting singing the song as we all left. Everyone remembered Mom, for the beautiful soul she was throughout her life, even in her end stages of dementia.

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