Mama’s Hands

Here is a beautiful poem by one of our members.  Rita is a loving daughter who wrote this gracious tribute about her Mother and the way she lived her life.  I’m sure it will bring a tear to your eyes as it did mine.

Mama’s Hands

by Rita J “Boop” Girard


My Mama had the most loving hands;

Hands that were pretty, as pretty as could be.

Hands that worked and toiled,

And often times, hands that were soiled.

Hands that scrubbed and hands that cleaned, Washed, ironed, and everything in between.

Hands that grew food and cooked it too,

Hands that sewed to make clothes for her children…

Hands that prayed diligently, to keep her family safe, Hands that spanked a bottom or two when needed.

Hands that shaped, designed, and kneaded, Many generations…of the family tree…

Of men, women, girls, and boys,

All who were impacted by her legacy.

Hands that still held on

When Alzheimer’s appeared…

Hands that drew strength from the hands that now held hers.

Hands still pretty, hands full of love.

Hands that now needed holding…

To guide her along the way.

Hands that never left her,

Till she heard God say…

“Come here my child,”

“I have the perfect place for you…”

“In my heavenly Kingdom, amongst rubies and  pearls.”

Mama, you left me, your body is no more…

But yet your spirit feels so near…

As I carry you in my heart;

In my heart is where you’ll forever live!

Live not only during my lifetime,

But for generations to come,

Because you touched so many lives

With hands so pretty,

As pretty as can be,

Hands that held me…and made me


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