Memory Moments at Lakeview Ranch

Memory Moments Video 


This is a video done by Brilliant Images Productions when I was out at Lakeview Ranch in Dassel Minnesota interacting with Alzheimer’s residents.  This was an amazing experience for me!  I had heard of Lakeview Ranch for some time, but finally was able to arrange a time to spend the day.  I was so excited to see if what I had heard about the Ranch was true.   Let me say loud and clear I was not disappointed!   Lakeview Ranch is an outstanding residential experience for residents, staff, and visitors.  Lakeview Ranch specializes in dealing with “Behavior Problems.”  Funny thing when I was there I didn’t see one episode of aggressive behavior, but after being there only a few hours I knew why.  The staff to resident ratio is matched by the staff’s passion to make residents’ experience home like and enjoyable.  Every employee gets the power of creating joy.  They understand the pure beauty of living in the moment, removing their egos, and truly focusing on the person before them.  The person with Alzheimer’s disease, of course there were no behavior problems.  Lakeview Ranch understands their resident’s needs.   Check out this video and you will see for yourself what I’m talking about.

Here is the video:       

Kudos Lakeview Ranch!  For more information on Lakeview Ranch please check out their website at:

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