Mind Over Matter: Woodcarving And Dementia

 Mind over Matter:

Woodcarving And Dementia

 Eilon Mind Over Matter - Image of Brain Hemisphere - with caption - Final (3)

Today we are lucky to have Eilon Caspi Ph.D. Gerontologist & Dementia Behavior Specialist, Founder and Director of Dementia Behavior Consulting, Minneapolis, MN.   He specializes in evidence-based psychosocial strategies for prevention of various forms of distressing behavioral expressions.  We discuss his hobby of woodcarving which turned into an interactive tool for dementia, which is now displayed at the Cushing Center at Yale University.  As we discuss his project we also get many tips and techniques for living gracefully with dementia.

Eilon see me not my dementia carving

Contact and Resource Information From Eilon Casp PH.D.

eilon logo

Email:      eiloncaspi@gmail.com 

Blog:       http://eiloncaspiabbr.tumblr.com

Author of the Upcoming Book: 

Fighting for Dignity: The Guidebook for Prevention of Resident-to-Resident Altercations in Dementia in Long-Term Care Homes. Health Professions Press. Expected release: Mid 2016.


The Cushing Center at Yale University:  


Wood carved brain hemisphere and booklet at Cushing Center II

If you are interested in the above book contact Eilon directly for a link.

Photo Credit to Jason Campbell website:


David Shenk’s brain animation called What is Alzheimer’s Disease? (illustrating a basic and simplified way the impact of Alzheimer’s on the different parts of the brain):

Interactive Brain Tour:


 Additional Resources:

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