Mom, 10 Years Have Passed, But Are Far From Forgotten

Mom, I so miss you and I can’t believe you’ve been gone 10 years today. I often think about what my life would be like if we hadn’t teamed up to shift dementia care from crisis to comfort around the world. You taught me so much about dementia care and the needed changes when you allowed me to walk alongside you on your 30-year journey with dementia. I truly can’t imagine not doing this work anymore. For those of you reading this who don’t know my mother’s story, you can read more here.

The Mother Behind The Movement Of Alzheimer’s Speaks

The mission, vision, and values of Alzheimer’s Speaks have not changed but our services have expanded over the years in terms of what I thought was possible.

Mom, I would love a sign that you approve of the Free Educational Resources and additional services we provide, along with any future ideas you have to push dementia care forward.

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio was launched in 2011 and is believed to be the first dementia-specific radio program in the world. The show caters to all types of dementia and caring needs. It has an international audience and has had the honor to be recognized by some of the most renowned names in the world – Oprah, Maria Shriver, AARP, the National Institute for Dementia Education, and Sharecare.
Dementia Chats™ was created in 2012, to educate people living with dementia, and their care partners including family, friends, professionals, and advocates.
Dementia Chats™ panelists are the true experts.  They are those diagnosed with some form of dementia.  Our panelists vary and new voices are always welcome.
Those living with dementia have great insights and creative ideas for care.  They show us how to be inclusive in new ways, which allows those with dementia to continue to feel dignified and purposeful.
Dementia Quick Tips™ are short vignettes featuring insights and tips Lori La Bey learned from her Mother Dorothy, who lived with dementia for thirty years. Each vignette is something Lori wished someone would have shared with her.  She knows how much there is to learn when trying to live graciously alongside dementia.
Each vignette is delivered in a simple-to-understand fashion and allows viewers the ability to easily apply the concepts immediately into their own lives. We hope you find them helpful.
We collaborated with Arthur’s Senior Care and launched Arthur’s Memory Cafe, the First Memory Cafe In The U.S. On Oct. 26th, 2011. We are still serving families today and mentor others to start their own Memory Cafe.
We are so grateful to have learned about these wonderful groups from our friend NOrm McNamara who is living with dementia in the U.K..
It’s so exciting to see so many libraries now getting involved in this fluid and free shared concept of care for those living with dementia and their care partners.
The time has arrived for the world to embrace one global symbol to be inclusive of all types of dementia and acknowledge and spread awareness awareness together.
The Purple Angel is the brainchild of Norms McNamara and Jane Moore who wanted to be inclusive of all dementias, all people, and organizations around the world to come together to raise awareness of dementia.
It is exciting to have one symbol representing a global message to raise awareness, hope, and empowerment for all people living and dealing with any form of dementia.
Building Dementia Friendly Communities and Businesses is a growing movement and is of critical importance. Our founder Lori La Bey made a pitch to The Lutheran Home Association to launch the first Dementia Friendly Community in the United States, which they did in 2013. Lori is also a founding member of the Roseville Alzheimer’s and Dementia Community Action Team which is a very active group in Minnesota and that is also working internationally on airport travel.

Dementia and the Arts™ educational videos were formed to lift the voices of people living with dementia while raising awareness of their abilities. We discuss the when’s and why’s of how they got involved with art, along with what they get out of creating it, and other people’s reactions to it. Individuals share the techniques they use, how they adapt as the disease progresses, and how their emotions are expressed through their work.
Busting Dementia Stigmas By Highlighting Possibilities
Dementia Map provides families and professionals 24/7 access to critical information, services, products, and tools when it comes to dementia care.
The goal for Dementia Map was to not only be a resource directory, but to provide an events calendar, blog, and glossary as they understand you can’t know what you don’t know.
Dementia Map was built to provide a secure environment. No personal information is required and there is no membership fee to access resources. We don’t have any pop-up bots trying to talk to you or moving parts to distract you. Just a simple site where you can easily find what you are looking for.
Alzheimer’s Speaks feels it is important to have a place for people to share their poetry and thoughts about dementia and their caring journeys with our audience. Since not everyone has a website or blog to showcase their writing, we decided to offer a safe place where people can share their poetry with others.
Our Blog’s goal has always been to allow people to have easy access to a variety of services, products, tools, treatments, trials, and concepts for all dementias.
As with the progression of many diseases, voice can be lost. When any form of dementia hits a family, communication as we know it is disrupted and begins to evaporate. This is the very essence of why Our Blog was created in 2009.
We believe collaboration and alternative works push society forward in search of better answers. 
Two of the leading voices in senior health care and everything Dementia are joining forces to help combat, inform, educate, and advise people dealing with everything we all eventually have to deal with – growing old. Lance A. Slatton, a case manager of Enriched Life Home Care Services (ELHCS) in Livonia, MI, and host of the award-winning All Home Care Matters YouTube show and podcast, and Lori La Bey, one of the most respected and well-known voices in Dementia care and founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks, will co-produce a new show called Conscious Caregiving with L & L.
The new show will take place once a month, featuring leading experts and influencers across the senior care spectrum, and will focus on senior care topics and issues.
Alzheimer’s Speaks was developed because our Founder Lori La Bey felt strongly that society needed access to multiple types of platforms and tools because people have different learning styles.
Our YouTube channel is just one of our platforms leveraging video learning. We also launched our radio show to accommodate audio learners, the blog for those who enjoy reading, and events for people who appreciate live as well as virtual events.
We have over 20 playlists for easy access to information.
Lori La Bey founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks has always felt dementia and caring shouldn’t be scary and complicated. She feels strongly society, needs to find ways to engage and empower people to care better by truly listening to their needs and reducing their stress factors.
Here you will find four tools, which are free to download and will support those who care for people living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia
The dementia movement continues to push forward one person at a time. With that being said, please know we understand that each person living with a form of dementia has impacted society in one fashion or another. Here at Alzheimer’s Speaks we are proud of their work both formal and informal to assist families, professionals, and society at large to come to a new understanding and awareness of what dementia looks like, feels like, and the support needed around the global to allow people to live fully.
This is a space we developed to honor those who have made a significant impact in the arena of dementia on a global level.
Here you can find a current list of press coverage of Alzheimer’s Speaks as well as Lori La Bey’s bio which highlights accomplishments and recognitions from Oprah, Maria Shriver, AARP Minnesota, Sharecare, and more.

Fee-Based Services

Lori La Bey specializes in dementia care, but her programs are easily adapted to a variety of groups as caring knows no boundaries; be it family, organizations, or communities. Bottom line, service is caring.
Great service is caring well above standard expectations. Exceptional caring creates a space where dignity, education, and inclusion are a must. Lori elevates and leverages communication and listening skills while learning to prioritize tasks. She builds relationships and allows people to engage as true partners, working as a team for the best outcomes; versus departments just doing their assigned tasks that aren’t aligned to meet actual client needs.
Betty the Bald Chicken, Lesson in How to Care teaches people of all ages we have more in common with others than we are different. The questions in the back of the book help readers and listeners talk about the ripple effect our choices have on others. It opens the conversation to take decision-making seriously and how others will think about us based on our choices.
The book was inspired by Lori’s journey caring for her mother. Betty’s story applies to almost every human situation from illness, bullying, addictions, divorce, death, discrimination, ageism, racism, religious beliefs, sexuality, and economic status to everyday struggles of not feeling like we fit in or are not understood. This children’s book engages all ages by highlighting the roller coaster of emotions we all go through.

I feel your presence with me every day, and I can only hope you are proud of what I have created in your honor. Without you, Alzheimer’s Speaks would not exist.

The Mother Behind The Movement Of Alzheimer’s Speaks