MOM MADE MY DAY         By Lori La Bey of Senior Lifestyle Trends

Today a friend asked how my Mom is doing.  I thought I would share my answer with all of you. 

Mom’s doing the best she can but sleeps most of her days away.   When I was visiting with her the other day she popped her eyes open, looked up at the ceiling, giggled, and then ever so slightly shimmied her shoulders for about 5 seconds, to the music playing…then back to sleep she went.  I would love to know who she saw that she wanted to dance with.

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  1. Lori,

    Thanks so much for your blog. Today I needed a positive outlook and found it here. Mom had her a doctor’s appointment today and it was a three hour chore. They did manage to draw blood and get a urine sample, but she fell asleep on the toilet and I had to ask the nurse to help me get her up and in a wheelchair. I don’t know why I feel embarrassed about things like that still, but I do. I guess I’m afraid that people will see my mother as an uncooperative, non-communicative, non-person. Thanks for your sotry today and reminding me that mom is still in there and that I can see her – even if others may not.


    1. Hi Kathy and welcome 🙂

      I remember one day taking my mom for an outing. We were just going to pick out some plants for her garden, and I noticed she was a little hesistant as we approached the store’s parking lot. All of a sudden she started to squirm around in the car seat, trying to put her body in the upright position. I had no idea what was going on…and all of a sudden, she started urinating on herself. She was apologizing profusely and I was trying to reassure her that it was okay and that it didn’t bother me AT ALL. I searched for a store that had bathroom facilities, but happen upon a restaurant. Of course the back of my mother’s pants were wet, but I remember marching to the front of that line where there were about 20 people waiting to be seated, and in a very protective way lead my sweet mom to the bathroom. I didn’t go in with her because I wanted her to maintain her dignity. I remember that day so clearly because she was just so upset about what happened.

      Embarrassed – not in the least. I was fiercely protective of my mom…never even mentioning the incident to my siblings. All this to say Kathy, people will look at you as a caring daughter. You have the luxuary of still seeing your mom – I don’t anymore, only in my heart. Treasure whatever moments you have with her.

  2. HI Kathy

    I am glad you found some comfort in the blog today. I know exactly what you are talking about when you say you are feeling embarrassed. I went through many moments like that. My guess is they will pass as you become more comfortable with your Mom’s situation and as your connection with your Mom gets deeper and stronger.

    Keep the faith girl. You are on the right path!


  3. That is a great post, who did she see? lol Last night when I was getting mom ready for bed, taking her socks of, she pulled her legs up all of a sudden and I said, “what do you think you are doing”, just a reflex question kind of thing…then she said “what do you think You are doing?” lol The woman can go for days with not talking or only a few words then pow, comes out with something totally unexpected! Like the shimmy goin on though with your mom, that is great!

    1. HI Donna
      It is tuly an amazing disease. I don’t think we will ever really know what is going on inside their mind, but I like to look for fun and calming things like Mom dancing. It was probably my Dad or who knows maybe a boyfirend before him…LOL She sure lit up when she did it though that was so awesome, so cute and it is now embedded in my memory bank forever. What a treat! These small moments of connection like with your Mom are so special, yet overlooked but way too many.

      Hope you have a great day. It’s gorgeous here, going to hit 70 again!

  4. Lori have a wonderful weekend and thoughts are with your mother.

    It’s going to be a beautiful weekend, in the 80s.

    Take care,

  5. HI Michelle,

    You enjoy the weather. Sounds like it is going to rain here but it has been beautfiul the past few days so I can’t complain. Enjoy your Easter weekend! I’ll be popping over to see Mom and spend time with her.

    Love ya


  6. Hi Lori

    Just a brief note to see how you feel today. Hope all is well with YOU.

    Did you get a chance to visit with mom this past weekend? Hoping that she is still comfortable and stable.

    Enjoy the rest of your day. It is cold and rainy here (sigh)

    1. HI Michelle
      Thanks for checking in! I’ve been thinking of you laely as well. All is going good here. Mom is doing as well as she can. I am very busy with my speaking and developing new programs… and the weather has been nice. We got a little rain last night which we needed and so things are greening up nicely.

      How was your Easter? I imagine it felt different for you. Hopefully not too sad though. I know the first everything was hard when I lost my Dad. Everything in my life seemed to have shifted. Take care and Keep in touch.


  7. Hi Lori
    I don’t know if I mentioned to you that I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and I don’t celebrate the holidays. I do acknowledge the resurrection of Jesus, but we celebrate the memorial of Jesus’ death.

    But I remember that for my mom – she would put fresh flowers on the gravesite of her mother, dad and uncle. I would drive her to the cemetary where she would brush away the leaves and put the flowers down. It was comforting to her. But as she became ill I believe she forgot about it. When the Easter holiday came it was sad for me because I remember what she would always do, going to greath lengths to pick out flowers, etc., and when I see the wreaths and flowers during the Easter holiday, it makes me sad.

    Take care dear.

    1. HI Michelle

      If you told me about your religion I apologize. I would never mean to put my beliefs onto someone else. The point with holidays is we all have traditions and they vary for each of us. There is no right or wrong, just what works for us. Our traditions or patterns I have found for me anyway can trigger portions of the grief process. In the end it is a good thing as we have to deal with the process of loosing our loved ones in order to move through, to the otherside. Not that I feel the loss will ever go any. I just think the intensity of the feels changes with time and healing.

      Hope it’s gorgeous where you are. It’s absolutely beautiful here. Take care!


  8. Hi Lori…no worries, I didn’t think anything about it 🙂

    Hope you are having a pleasant day. We are finally having nice weather.

  9. Hi Michelle

    I was hoping you were not offended. I figured we knew each other well enough to know where the other was coming from. Glad to here you have some nice weather. It is gorgeous here today. I was speaking all morning and then worked in the office. 3pm hit and I had to break out of the office! It’s just too nice, so I off running errands. Still work, just not behind the desk for a little break anyways

    We will talk soon. Take care


  10. I guess i am not the only one who is surprised by what mom says now and again.My mom too doesnt say much but at times she says something out of the blue,at times something funny or when she scolds me 🙂

    I tend to ask her if she is my mom,i guess my way making sure she remembers me and who i am,a few days earlier i asked her and she said “obviously i am what a silly question”


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