6 Replies to “New Video By The Purple Rain Project”

  1. Love this and feel that schools are very important to the challenge of reducing stigma and educating this generation and the next. There are some wonderful pictures of people here and a beautiful poem but this doesn’t tell much about early onset or include all dementias.

  2. The Purple Rain project needs to reflect that dementia also strikes younger adults, teens would be even more likely to have a caregiving role with a parent while the teenager is still in the home. This is stereo-typed to be only the elderly. I started having symptoms at age 43 and did not see myself in any of the photos shown, while the words directly applied to me.

    1. Hi Janet,
      Are you involved in any research regarding your experience of dementia and how it actually feels and affects your life? Professionally I care for elderly people with dementia but have never had the opportunity to listen and learn from somebody in the early stages. Would you be prepared to be involved in setting up some research?
      Kind regards

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