Norrms McNamara on Does Dementia Have Symptoms?

Does Dementia Have Symptoms?

By Norrms McNamara



Even though this may “seem “like a stupid question, can I please elaborate. Since being diagnosed 5 and half years ago, if I had a penny for the times I have been told “You are looking well for someone with dementia?” Or “Aren’t people supposed to be in a care home if they have Dementia “(Both true!!)  I would now be rich!!


When, just like very recently I have questioned why people with early onset Dementia or people with Younger onset of Dementia haven`t been invited to speak at conferences, or join steering groups ECT I have been told that it’s because their illness won’t allow it, thus ONCE AGAIN some are STILL thinking that ALL people with Dementia are in late stages!! So I would like to ask this to those people:

Q, Do you think we just suddenly wake up one day and can’t remember our wives, girlfriends, family ECT?????  REALLY??? DO YOU???? And do you still think it only affects the elderly as a part of growing old??, mmm, let’s see, this is the way I look at it, as someone “ WITH DEMENTIA”


Let’s talk about Symptoms, any symptoms to begin with.

 “Cancer, for example, we are told that persistent coughing, blood in the stools or coughing up blood could be early SYMPTOMS of cancer”

“Brain Tumours, constant headaches, flashing lights, dizziness and feeling nauseous could be early “Symptoms” of this.

“Heart problems, Palpitations, chest pains, pain down the arm, breathlessness could again be a “SYMPTOM” of heart problems”


So, what are the signs, or SYMPTOMS for EARLY onset Dementia?

Please try to name 5 or more, Particular to early onset?

Most of the answers might be about forgetfulness ECT and maybe a few about lifestyle, if there are any more then please try to list them in your mind.

The thing is my friend`s, if YOU can list a few of them, then why can’t the DOCTORS and GPs??????? What is it that happens as soon as you utter the word Dementia that has them scratching their heads, especially if you are only 50 yrs old or so at the time like myself?? If you went into a Drs and explained you were showing the signs of some of the above illness`s they would know straight away what to do!! What is it about Dementia that makes Drs, Consultants ECT run for the hills, for goodness sake, the clues are there!!!

The more people are diagnosed earlier the better life they will lead, it opens doors to all sorts of new medicines, not a cure, admittedly but a chance of an extended better quality of life, it gives them a chance to do what they have always done, put thier house in order, and best of all (in my experience) it will give them that precious time to spend with their families before the inevitable, or a cure is found!! So, back to my Original question



Of course it does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So come on all you GPs, consultants ECT, stop sitting on the fence and make an educated decision!!!!

Please take a look on my website

At all I have achieved with the wonderful support of my family and friends in the last five years since my diagnosis, the books I have written, the places I have been to speak, and the advice I have been asked to give to many people including Government Ministers. None of this would have been possible without an early diagnosis and the right medication for me (I just wishes it worked for all but I unfortunately know it doesn’t)

 I left school with NO QUALIFICATIONS and anybody who wants to know about my early life can read it in my small autobiography for free (please just ask) but please believe me when I say if I can do this, most people could as well, providing they are not left to their own devices or told it’s another  possible illness, but with an EARLY DIAGNOSIS, there is still a full life to be lead!!!

This illness has to begin somewhere just like any other illness, spot the signs and you could change someones life !!

Very best wishes,

Norrms Mc Namara Diagnosed Five and half years ago and STILL FIGHTING IT!!!!

P.S I intend asking these very same questions at future presentations at conferences i am asked to speak at, lets hope answers are forthcoming !!


Check out Alzheimer’s Speaks for more resources and information

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