Ode To Annie – A Journey Of Love and Dementia

I am so proud of George Seiler for sharing his deep love for his wife Annie.  George and Annie were such a gift to not only to all of our members and facilitators at Arthur’s Memory Cafe, Minnesota in general but the world as a whole as they shared their life, their love and their insights of living graciously with dementia.

Lori La Bey, founder  of Alzheimer’s Speaks

Ode to Annie

By George Seiler

Her Smile

From across the floor

a warmth engulfed me

from a distant smile.

The smile neared,

The warmth grew.

I flushed, then stiffened.

From the smile a hand extended.

The touch connected and

stayed forever as

Two souls became one.


She made me feel

warm when I felt cold.

wanted when I felt alone.

excited when I felt dull.

proud when I felt insecure.

rich when I felt poor.

strong when I felt weak.

There was a magic in her spirit.


Her final breath

She lie unmoving.

Her face taut and pale.

Her breath- barely.

Her eyes closed- unseeing.

I don’t know if she hears me

or the soft music she loves.

I think of her beauty and warmth.

My heart beats of fondness.

My eyes flow with sadness.

Her pulse slows, then stops.

Her spirit leaves.

I am alone.


Her Spirit

in soundless night I


Then hear the soft step


Is she coming in to


I wait………………………


into my pillow

I weep.


Resources for Dementia & Caregiving

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5 Replies to “Ode To Annie – A Journey Of Love and Dementia”

  1. Thank you for sharing George’s gift of writing inspired by his love for Annie. We are honored to know their story. Love never dies!

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